Scotsmen Woodwork and Joinery is a handcrafted wooden furniture manufacturer specializing in bespoke furniture. Our objective is to offer a unique opportunity for clients to have personalized furniture, manufactured to their own specifications in the design style of their choice, a limited-service not offered by retail furniture manufacturers. Our customers are given the unique opportunity to bring their ideas and designs to life and to be a part of the process with the guidance and professional expertise offered by Scotsmen.

We create one-of-a-kind, bespoke furniture the client and will be proud to display in their home.

The idea and dream had been started by Mr. Shaun Gillespie, a mining engineer with a love for woodwork that was passed down from his grandfather, to his father and now from himself to his son Christopher Gillespie.

Our products are made with lasting quality in mind, creating furniture-made hardwoods into unique pieces of functional art. At Scotsmen’s, the customer's ideas become the product, where requirements are key and specifications determine the end result. Our customers do not comply with a one size fits all methodology. They require tailored products that meet the needs and functional requirements that cannot be easily found.


To arrange a consultation or workshop visit, send us a message.